Cloudstack for z/VM Meeting September 22


Happy Fall!
LXC demo
Live Resize informaiton


Looking for volunteers to help with enhancing LXC (code here and making it part of the z/VM OpenStack driver stack
Would like to enhance LXC to handle file operations, see Alberto for more details


Alberto, SUSE
Barton, Velocity
Mike Mac, ADP
Mike F, SUSE
Martha, Marist
Neale, Sine Nomine
Rahmira, NCAT
Emily, IBM
Amit, OMP
Len, Vicom infinity
Alex Kim, Vicom infinity
Dave Rossi, IBM

If you get a chance, please review Amit’s blog post

LXC proof of concept from Alberto, please look over his slides and the recording and let us know if you have questions.

Looking for a volunteer for project maintainer, looking to change the maintainer about once a year. Emily will work with any volunteers to transition over the next 6 months, see her for more details


to send a file, you should be aware that by default, you can only send a file to lxcmastr. The command for this is “put” e.g.:


to put to a different user, you could use something like:

put vswsetup exec ( U autolog1 D 191 Replace

get is to collect files from z/VM. So yes, this is possible in LXC already (I already used this).

One more comment: dirmaint uses flashcopy during clone when flashcopy is available. Thus that is actually quite easy to handle.