Cloudstack for z/VM Meeting September 15, 2017

LXC proof of concept
Soft delete
Live resize

Meeting recording -

Len - Vicom Infinity
Dave - ITC
Mike M - ADP
Martha - Marist
Emily - IBM
Mike F - SUSE
Amit - OMP
Neale - Sine Nomine
Rahmira - NCAT
John - OMP
Setareh - IBM

Soft delete - requirement raised by Mike, idea that you delete a user from the cloud, it does keep the userid around as a not-log-on-able guest
Future nice to have feature, not an immediate requirement

Live Resize - Openstack has a design document for this feature, but it’s not yet implemented. Maybe ask Dirk and/or Ji Chen to talk about this capability at a future meeting.

Amit is finishing up his internship with a blog post. He’s also wondering about mentoring an Outreachy internship, discussion will continue on the slack #general channel

LXC discussion is postponed to next week.

We hope everyone enjoys their new z14s, which are sure to be in the mail this week!