Cloudstack for z/VM Meeting November 10


Recording -

Scott, AIG
Len, Vicom
Dave Jones, ITC
Berthold, DATEV
Alberto, SUSE
Mike, ADP
Neale, Sine Nomine
Erich, IBM
Paul, IBM
Walter Auerochs, DATEV
Emily, IBM

We talked through Mike’s proposal for the project - There is high interest in this and we see there could be ways to include this with LXC, VMWare or possibly even the Cloud Connector/OpenStack. Neale brought up the VMWare plugins, that it’s possible to write to other APIs than OpenStack for VMWare. This was the link I have with more information on that We didn’t feel ready to vote on this being the direction of the project, so we’ll talk about it more next week.

Mike MacIsaac has also volunteered to be the next project maintainer. Put to a vote, this passed unanimously. I’ll put out an invitation for next Friday’s meeting, but Mike has some ideas of how to change the structure of our meetings to be more Agile, so we’ll focus on that next time.

Congratulations Mike!