Cloudstack for z/VM Meeting July 14, 2017


Project goals
Intern project update


Dirk Muller, SUSE
John Mertic, Linux Foundation
Mike Friesenegger, SUSE
Emily Hugenbruch, IBM
Len Santalucia, Vicom Infinity
Mike MacIsaac, ADP
T.R. Bosworth, SUSE
Alberto Planas, SUSE
Neale Fergusson, Sine Nomine
Akanksha Srivastava, OMP

Akanksha gave an update on the intern projects, Amit is working the hypervisor matrix, while Akanksha and Rohit are working on a proof of concept with implementing z/VM calls in libvirt. Neale said he had some research from a previous investigation into implementing libvirt for z/VM, which he’ll pass along. The interns submitted an abstract to the OpenStack Summit in Sydney, where they hope to present the findings and outcome of their internship.

Alberto gave a presentation on LXC, which is a possibility, along with zPro and SMAPI for the lowest layer of communication. LXC is available from the VM downloads page, although the licensing for this is unclear. Alberto is next going to start working on a proof of concept of deploying a Linux guest via LXC. Then, in August, we will work on a performance comparison of the options, so we can settle on a direction.

Next meeting will continue the discussion on requirements for the new OpenStack stack.

Link to meeting minutes: Cloudstack for z/VM Meeting July 14, 2017

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