Cloudstack for z/VM Meeting June 16, 2017

Continue going through customer deploys:

  • Barton Robinson
  • Martha McConaghy
  • ?? for LXC (looking for a volunteer)

Talk about times for an evening meeting next week, to accommodate Asia Pacific members.


Meeting recording:

Meeting minutes link:

John Mertic, OMP
Martha McConaghy, Marist
Alberto Planas, SUSE
Barton Robinson, Velocity
Dave Jones, ITC
Emily Hugenbruch, IBM
Frank Heimes, Canonical
Greg Lacey, IBM
Harry Williams, Marist
Mike Friesenegger, SUSE
Neale Fergusson, Sine Nomine
Setareh Mehrabanzad, IBM
T.R. Bosworth, SUSE
Joe Vitale, BNY Mellon
Len Santalucia, Vicom Infinity

Slides from Martha’s presentation:

No meeting next week due to the VM workshop, meeting instead week of June 26

Poll for next meeting time, trying for an Asia-Pacific friendly time once every few weeks:

  • ?? for LXC (looking for a volunteer)

I can prepare two slides for the next meeting about LXC. My knowledge here is quite low but enough to present an introduction

Thanks, Alberto. Have you installed/used it? My worry about things on the downloads page is that they can be out there for some time and may not actually be useable.

We have some use of it indeed. For now we use as a way to integrate inside the CI. I can share some code about how we use it

That sounds awesome then, thanks!