Consolez Web UI


I started a project that enables access to z/VM consoles and CP commands from a Web UI.

I believe the code is publicly available at: GitHub - mike99mac/consolez: consolez is a Web UI that works with z/VM console files and CP commands
Can somebody verify?

I’m new to github and it’s cumbersome because I cannot access the Internet from zLinux. So I have to tar the code up, copy it to my Windows laptop, untar it, then upload it to github. Also, the code, especially the line commands are shared through the use of symbolic links. It seems they were lost when I untarred (extracted) on Windows. What resulted were empty files - so the code can never work as is. Does anyone know how to create symbolic links on

Or, another thought. Is there a zLinux system somewhere that I could use which has access to the Internet?


-Mike MacIsaac

Yes - I can see the repo.