Anyone doing Big Data on z?

Curious if there is anyone using Spark or Hadoop with their mainframes. Want to see what the common use cases are.


Hi, just to share my curiosity upon this matter as well. Sounds quite interesting.

An email to Mythili Venkatakrishnan ( would answer this. We have around 15 Spark PoCs with clients and while we can’t disclose the details, we can disclose the general use-cases.


We want to set it up for education purposes. I will inform about our progress as soon was we are started!

@wolfram Interesting. Keep us up to date on this - keen to see how it works for you.

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We should have him chime in on this thread - can you forward this to him?

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Hey @jmertic,

I’m new to Open Mainframe project and I’m willing to contribute in project based on Docker, ML and Blockchain.
We’re using Spark for our DynaML project.

I submitted my proposal for Open Mainframe Project and submitting another one soon.

Please let me know the ways to get involved in Open Mainframe Project.

Amit Kumar Jaiswal

That’s great to hear! Excited for your contributions to the project.


John Mertic
Director of Program Management - Linux Foundation - ODPi and Open Mainframe
+1 234-738-4571

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I created spark/spark-ui/zeppelin containers for Linux on z. Hadoop is part of this. See: which holds 60+ containers for use on z, and Getting Started with OpenShift on z in which a chapter describes how to use the spark/zeppelin containers.



Great to hear! Do you commercially support these containers?

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