Cloudstack for z/VM Meeting August 4, 2017


Continue deploy requirements discussion


Link to meeting recording -
Amit - OMP
Alberto - SUSE
Barton - Velocity
Mike M - ADP
Mike F - SUSE
Neale - Sine Nomine
Paul - IBM
Emily - IBM
Rahmira - NCAT
John - OMP

Intern update
Amit - intern update, Amit sent Mike the list of questions and got a response (thanks Mike M). Next up is Martha. Looking for more customers to interview.
Rohit is on vacation
No update from Akanksha

Networking requirements discussion
Floating IPs are not currently supported. How important is this?

  • they stay around for the life of the guest
  • do integrate with dhcp
  • can get reused immediately after the guest is deleted
  • might cause ssh errors, because a new ssh connection might see it as a man in the middle attack as the creds would be different on the new system than what you have stored
  • ultimately decided that this is a good requirement
  • especially interesting for use with Heat. Mike F. will do a demo of some Heat templates for August 25.

Alberto is working on the LXC proof of concept, he’ll show this on August 18

Storage requirements
Requirement for root disk to be in cylinders for ECKD. Discussed various options, but it seems that passing this as Flavor metadata in OpenStack could work.

  • con is that this could mean that the information OpenStack has about the guest disk size could be slightly inaccurate.
    Will continue this discussion on August 18.

Overall plan

  • After we finish the storage requirements, we should have a requirements recap on August 25.
  • Then we need to discuss how we will get these requirements implemented.

Reminder that there is no meeting next week on August 11, Len will lead the meeting on August 25. Thanks.