Cloudstack for z/VM Meeting June 28, 2017

LXC - Alberto Planas

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Intern introductions
Conference-driven goal (aim for a session at OpenStack summit? GSE? SUSECon? SHARE?)

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Meeting recording -

Meeting minutes link - Cloudstack for z/VM Meeting June 28, 2017

TR Bosworth - SUSE
Akanksha Srivastava, OMP
Amit Kumar Jaiswal, OMP
Barton Robinson, Velocity
Emily Hugenbruch, IBM
Greg Lacey, IBM
Harry Williams, Marist
Martha McConaghy, Marist
Svk Rohit, OMP
Neale Ferguson, Sine Nomine

Our three interns, Akanksah, Amit and Rohit introduced themselves.
We talked about their project, which is creating a reference architecture for what cloud looks like on the mainframe. Martha went through, for her, some of the functions in the OpenStack hypervisor matrix and whether they are needed, and whether they should be admin or end user functions.

We talked about where the interns should present their project, likely choices are GSE in Hamburg or the OpenStack summit in Sydney (November 6-8). The group seems to be more OpenStack focused, so we decided that they should aim for a session at the Sydney summit. The call for presentations closes soon (July 14)
Request: a few people to help us write the proposal for the Sydney summit. Please reply to Emily if you’re interested. The interns will do the presentation on their own, but because the call for presentations closes so soon, they will need some help doing the proposal.
We talked about 2 possible themes for the proposal: 1. a more technical theme, possibly with a demo, showcasing cloud on z/VM 2. a community building theme, talking about how the OMP project has come together and worked through issues.

Then the discussion shifted to the overall project goals. This should be our main focus for the next meeting, what do we want as accomplishments of this group.
Ideas for goals:
Just reference architecture(s)?
Code for the new cloudstack, available in open source?
A working cloud?
OpenStack focused or should we look broader?
So far we are leaning towards an OpenStack focus and getting the reference architecture and code, but this is not finalized yet.

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