Cloudstack for z/VM Meeting July 28, 2017

DHCP and VLAN integration with OpenStack
Storage requirements for deploy
Intern update

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Link to meeting recording -

Rahmira Rufus - NCAT
Neale Fergusson - SineNomine
Martha Mc Conaghy, Marist
Dave Jones - ITC
Barton Robinson - Velocity
Greg Lacey - IBM
John Mertic - OMP
Len Santalucia - ViCom
Paul W Novak, IBM
TR Bosworth - SUSE
Phil Tully - ADP
Amit Kumar Jaiswal - OMP

Meeting minutes:

Intern update - Amit is still looking for help from customers willing to answer some questions about their experiences. Please join the OMP slack team: ) and the #cloudstackonzvm channel. Please vote for the interns’ presentation for the OpenStack summit here: The final decision is made based on a combination of voting scores and track chairs’ impressions. They should hear back in early September on the decision.

Networking requirements
Dave gave an update on DHCP with OpenStack. From his research he’s learned that an external DHCP should work just fine with OpenStack.
Emily gave an update on VLAN ids and OpenStack. These are usually the segmentation ids in OpenStack. More information on how they’re currently used is available in the Enabling z/VM for OpenStack book under Network Configurations
Discussion about SDN, is this a requirement? The feeling was that it’s an interesting question for the future, but probably not something that’s immediately required. Paul (with help from TR) was going to look at some of the VMWare SDN options

Storage requirements
Most users like to have a root disk and then some other disk that is unique to the guest and available for the life of the guest. In OpenStack terms these other disks are ephemeral disks. There’s more interest in being able to specify an exact size (in cylinders) for the root disk, while GB will probably work just find for the ephemeral disks.