Cloudstack for z/VM Meeting September 8, 2017

Intern update
Requirements discussion:
startup time requirements
SMAPI vs LXC vs zPRO base technology discussion
security logs
How will we get requirements implemented?

Meeting recording -

Dave - ITC
Harry - Marist
Mike M - ADP
Martha - Marist
Neale - Sine Nomine
Barton - Velocity
Greg - IBM
Emily - IBM
Len - Vicom Infinity
Setareh - IBM
Dirk - SUSE
Mike F - SUSE

Intern update
Things are set for the OMP to do a booth at the Sydney summit so the interns can have 2 20 minute presentations. Still ironing out intern travel arrangements.
Amit is working on writing a blog post about his internship, should be out for review soon.

Requirements discussion

Start up time - inventory takes several minutes per guest

Some things that might mitigate the affect of this:
Ability to restart parts of the stack without restarting the whole stack. VSMGUARD restarts everything. Separate out the restart of SMAPI from the restart of the OpenStack stuff.
Would be nice if SMAPI were more aware of problems with one server, and restarting that. Some kind of SMAPI health checker would make that easier.
Need a way to tell that something has gone wrong and get immediate logs, since SMAPI logs wrap quickly.

Emily will send around some examples of the logs up and down the stack and how they tie in with an ESM.

Alberto hopes to present next week on the LXC demo.

How to get requirements done, Emily pointed out the new repo here:
Docs are in human readable format here:
This repository is already working on taking out the xCAT code and replacing it with an “ultra thin” layer. It’s planned to be shipped by/serviced by IBM as the z/VM Cloud Connector.