Cloudstack for z/VM Meeting July 21, 2017


Continue work on requirements
Intern project update


TR Bosworth - SUSE
Emily Hugenbruch - IBM
Amit Kumar - OMP
Cameron Seay - NCAT
David Rossi - IBM
Frank Heimes - Canonical
Greg Lacey - IBM
Harry Williams - Marist
Mike MacIsaac - ADP
Joe Vitale - BNY
David Jones - ITC

Meeting minutes - Cloudstack for z/VM Meeting July 21, 2017
Intern update - Amit is looking for customers to interview to get the list of important administrator/end user functions. Please sign on to the slack group (invites available via ) and on the #cloudstackonzvm channel. Looking especially for customers who have presented on the calls previously (Marist, ADP, BNY, ITC, Velocity).

Discussion on networking requirements. While some would like to see the cloud solution manage IP addresses and divide guests between various vLANs, others feel this should be outside the jurisdiction of the cloud solution. Emily and Dave Jones to investigate DHCP and VLAN integration with OpenStack and report back July 28.

We started a discussion on storage requirements for deploy, but there was not much discussion. Please prepare for this discussion on July 28

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