Can Zowe able to connect from Mainframe to Cloud API

There are multiple ways to consume the mainframe applications from Java or other modern technologies. But we have a use case where mainframe application needs to consume data from a cloud (java - API) application. Can Zowe or any other means able to consume the API’s of cloud applications from mainframe systems? Can you please let us know.

HI Vijay,

I think you should use .ARA

Check this link -

Hi Chandra,
Thanks for responding. We are currently using Z/OS connect for this usecase. Since we need to consumer Java services on Cloud, we are not able to accomplish the performance what we expected with Z/OS connect. We worked with IBM on this and their team mentioned Z/OS connect may not be a suitable product considering our performance requirements. And so looking for alternate product for Z/OS. Apparently there are no other tools/products available in this space. With more applications re-written in Java and other technologies, mainframe needs multiple options similar to Z/OS connect to consume Java services.

With the world in API economy, what else you can get with your expected performance unless you rewrite your mainframe application, with part of the application is on mainframe to consume your services. I’m trying to understand how you are planning to work as our shop in also in the same boat. Let me know your thoughts.
is JCICS of any option?