Analytics / Visualization of Operational Mainframe

Over time I have experienced / seen a lack of ICT operational transparency for the Mainframe. This appears to have led to a perception that Mainframes are too expensive and too complex feeding the let’s get off the Mainframe conversation;

Recently I encountered a product from IBM called the Common Data Provider which I understood fed in near real time SMF records to Elastic Search for visualization via Kibana.

This product enables near real time dashboards for the Mainframe and if the data is sent to something like a Data Lake, historical analytics / analytics of combined MI & ICT data.

Is anyone aware of an initiative in Open Source addressing this?
What I am hoping is the concept represented via the CDP can be brought to the Open Source world.

Hi David, welcome to the community. I’m not a CDP expert, but I have looked at it before, and one can think of many different ways it could be used in an open source environment. I haven’t pursued any specific uses of this because of bandwidth reasons, but I’m sure there would be others interested in this idea as well.

Hi jbostian, thank you for responding it was a good surprise to see, as I was hoping someone else would see the opportunity. The challenge for me as I am new to this is how do you communicate this to a wider audience?