Getting started guide for newcomers


Hi everyone!
I’m new here, in fact, very new to this domain. I heard about mainframe from my friend and found out quite interesting.
I’m a student BTW and looking forward to applying for the Internship.
So I’ve few months left to explore the domain.
I’ve enrolled in High-performance computing, Udacity course, to get theoretical knowledge.
But that’s kind of long process, I’m looking for some hands-on experience to get started with the mainframe.
Is there any guide available to get familiar with the concept needed in order to fully understand the projects mentioned here :point_down: ??


Not hands-on, but you may find these IBM Z eLearning resources helpful to get you started.


The IBM Z Advocacy Hub has a lot of fun and interesting information and activities you may enjoy on your way to understanding and appreciating the mainframe space. Check it out here:


Hi Akshay, welcome to the mainframe world.

Although it isn’t specifically about Linux on IBM Z, the Master the Mainframe Learning System is a good place to learn some basics about the mainframe. It is hands-on and the description says you get to practice with IBM Z operating systems, including Linux.

Go to the Master the Mainframe web page and click on Try the Learning System.

Since you’re a student, you’re also eligible for the Master the Mainframe Contest, but it ends Dec 31, 2017. Anyone can register for the Learning System and it is open until Aug 31, 2018.

Another possibility for getting a hands-on experience is the IBM LinuxONE™ Community Cloud. If you are able to get a 120-day complimentary trial, there is a Linux Tutorial available.

Good luck getting started with the mainframe.