We are all in the starting blocks. Who has the starting pistol?

So many people answered, but how do we get them organised and use their help?

I guess that the government agencies in need of COBOL help are thinking along these lines.
Read all submitted profiles, check, contact and evaluate/screen all people, then enter into contracts with confidentiality and accountability charters, NDA’s, etc, quite a workload…!
I don’t know whether the overloaded agencies have time and resources for this :exploding_head: !

I think this community can propose more than a listing of availabilities.

Why not ask the government agencies to state their functional issues/requirements and make their current code/ressources available for collaborative development à la gitHub ?
I believe there are enough skills here to manage projects, write changes, read or validate them, document, check them for any unwanted features :-), etc
This could be a fast and efficient alternative.

What do you think of this ?

@jmertic would you bounce this proposal on an agency you might have contacts with ?