Do the states, etc. who really need the help even know about this forum?

I’ve seen some replies here, but none for anyone who needs COBOL help in this pandemic.

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Not really this is all a ruse. People here have shown that their intentions are good, and I applaud that. But for the average person, who has never truly mastered COBOL. They’ll never be able to help out in these circumstances. One reason being the difficulty walking off the street and diagnosing a COBOL abend in a running system without the aid or understanding of it’s intended use. And secondly no prior knowledge of the installation and procedures, Libraries, documentation, JCL, coding standards. Nice to see people willing too help, and that’s a feel good for these times

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It’s a sad story. It is common these days to proclaim a shortage of something. True figures often reveal that there is no real shortage. Always ask yourself: “Cui bono?” - to whom is this a benefit? Maybe it is just marketing to get attention.

Tanya McFarlane 14 years experience of COBOL developer will be able to work remotely.

“Mik - I’ve seen some replies here, but none for anyone who needs COBOL help in this pandemic”

That is a good point - I found out about this forum via a Tech Republic article.
Is any state agency who is really in need of assistance even aware that there is a whole community of experienced programmers out there that could help and have listed their services on a forum website ?

I don’t know much about state hiring processes, but I am willing to bet they are not trolling the web looking for at forum websites to find assistance while their unemployment system are melting down.

Having said that … I still registered in the hope that someone does actually read that article and comes to this forum to get the help they need.

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