Look for help getting started

I was hoping someone could help me get started on the path to learning COBOL.

Full disclosure, I am NOT a programmer at all. I’m fairly computer competent but have never learned any programming. I have gathered that there is an ongoing need for COBOL programmers and I thought it’d be something I could learn over the next year or two.

There seems to be a good number of paid resources and a variety of free stuff, but I have no idea where to start.

Anyone up for taking me under their wing for a bit? I really appreciate any advice!

You can download GnuCOBOL or OpenCOBOL and install it. It gives you an environment that is pretty much compatible with any other COBOL compiler. Some years ago I coded this up:

to show Linux guys how COBOL is usually written. It’s a basic menu-driven questionaire that spits out a block of Geekcode. You can alter it or use it as a base to do similar things. A pretty decent way to get started.