Calling all COBOL Programmers

Hello Mr. Mertic,
If you had the time, I was hoping you would be able to answer a few questions I had relating to the call for COBOL Programmers. If not, no worries, I understand.
1 - I only just started learning the language, from the COBOL Programming with VSCode text available on Github, would making a new post with the Calling all COBOL Programmers topic be better before, or after I finish the book & associated material?
2 - I know that currently, I count as a novice. After finishing the book, would I count as intermediate?
3 - I know you made your post on this a while go, is making a posting as you suggested on this website still worth doing?
4 - Any other advice for someone trying to learn code to work from home in these times of crisis?
Thank you for your time, stay safe, & I hope you have a good day.
-Jade R Flohr