Questions to states needing COBOL unemployment help

Is there a forum to help the states with the performance of their unemployment systems?
My first thought when I heard they were having issues was insert performance. I was a systems programmer with some responsibilities for the mainframe CICS system where Florida used to run their unemployment system (before they switched to the current flawed server-based system - and I’m not running down server-based systems, the state department that owns it says it is flawed). That system used VSAM for its files, as I imagine some of these others do - and with a huge spike in new claims, that would mean a lot of new inserts and I would be they are hurting from CA splits. Just don’t know where to contact the states that want help

Dear, I was going through the post and noticed that your system is failing during Insert? If multiple records are failing with the same issue then I would suggest check the Key in the KSDS file. Might possible that in such scenario same people are just raising the claims but actually person is same so rather than processing the same claim better multiple times it might have failed during insert.

If still this is not the case, then check the single records and see what error it is giving during insert? Is it -503 for updating the primary or secondary key with Invalid date or time or timestamp. If you resolve one issue then probably you will be able to resolve the sane cases and your problem will be solved.

The MASSINSERT option in CICS can also help performance, though it is unlikely to be applicable with random unsorted updates.

I might be prudent to adjust the CA % FREESPACE value and perform night reorgs.

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