Cobol volunteer - unused for a while

  • Name: Daksha Desai
  • COBOL Experience: Expert but unused for long time
  • Location: Greenville, SC, USA
  • Availability: Part-time,
  • Availability Type: Volunteer
  • Name: Sami Pesate
  • COBOL Experience: Expert but didnt programmer on long time
  • Location: Caracas, Venezuela
  • Availability: full time
  • Availability Type: Volunteer/ hotel both options are ok

Name: Maria Bronisevsky
Location: Gastonia North Carolina
Contact: 704-923-9881
Experience: 20+ years in Cobol programming and Analysis, UNISYS mainframe, not used for a while. A very short refreshing course and I can pick it up quickly.
Have developed many systems for the State of Florida, Dept. Of Management Services, Dept. Of Revenue, Dept. Of Administration.
Also worked in Rockville MD for a private company NEBF and was in the team for the 2000 conversion.
Available: immediately and remote hire

  • Name: Masahiro Hiramatsu
  • COBOL Experience: Expert but unused for long time, brushed up a couple of years in IT college, good experience, passed with highest mark, interested in remote activities.
  • Location: Sao Paulo, SP , Brazil
  • Availability: Part-time (few hours)
  • Availability Type: Volunteer

Hi Maria. I am in the same place that you are as an experience COBOL programmer but needing to refresh my skills. I wondered if you were successful in anyone reaching out to your with your skills? Also, I’ve been told that IBM was offering some free training. Are you familiar with this offer? Please reach out to me at if you can answer either of my questions. Thanks in advance.

Sharon Moses