U.S based SE interested in helping

  • Name: Matt

  • COBOL Experience: (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert)

  • Location: (City, State, Country)
    Orlando, FL

  • Availability: (Part-time, Full-time)

  • Availability Type: (Volunteer, Available to Hire)

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    I am a software architect/engineer with 20+ years of experience who is interested in lending a hand. I do not have experience with COBOL, but I have worked with a plethora of other languages. I will help get their systems back online, just give me some background info on the problem and some COBOL literature.

I would be particularly interested in the underlying systems and how we can upgrade the infrastructure. I know it’s a possible to run COBOL in containers. Maybe the applications could be containerized and executed with Kubernetes or another orchestration platform.

With a modern infrastructure, it would be easier to upgrade the applications (possibly language migration) in the future.