Is CLIST's still a thing?

Is CLIST’S still used today? or is it in a phase out stage?

COBOL is a programming language and the code is usually run either via a transaction (within CICS), or in batch via JCL. To build JCL, control your working environment and for other needs, CLISTs are often used as a scripting language. REXX is used too, but less frequently.

Like SAD commented, yes it’s still a viable part of the landscape. However you can (and should) run other ho$ted language$ on z/O$ these days. Just get your checkbook out , it ain’t cheap.

Yes, and there are still ten thousands of CLISTs at enterprise costumers, who were not ready to convert them into Rexx by any reason. Even IBM has several CLISTS in the system libraries.

Rocket Software… nuff said … if you using REXX or CLISTS for your work … I pity you…