Python hobbyist excited about new training becoming available

I tried learning COBOL five years ago but all of the material required you to have a mainframe computer to learn it and the process was super painful even though back then experts were warning of a shortage of COBOL programmers. Now I can find out if it’s something I want to do professionally. I would love to travel and work on contracts.

I’ll be watching Jeroen Baten’s talk on running a mainframe emulator on commodity hardware. I suspect it’s hercules, but I haven’t watched it, yet.

Thanks! I’ll definitely give this a watch.

Hi Xan,
Welcome to the world of COBOL. :grinning:
Yes, emulators are helpful. Try Hercules please.
I am based in India, so may expect a time zone difference, if you post queries.

Yup, hercules and a survey of acronyms (very helpful) and a live demo.

Hint: you’ll also need a 3270 terminal emulator.