How to edit a Z/os dataset with Hex values in Zowe

I recently got to try IBM Zowe trial and got to play around MVS Explorer and JES explorer and other tools. I created a file in Z/os and tried to edit it in MVS explorer all looks good until I got some Hex or packed data in mainframe file. I don’t find an option to edit the files in Hex mode, which we normally do under ISPF by doing Hex ON. Is there an option to do it here?
I didn’t find a way to submit jobs from dataset or even from JES. Is that option available of not?

There is a submit from data set command in Zowe CLI (zowe jobs sub ds, but not sure about Zowe desktop. In general, z/OSMF does not have good support of mixed encoding of binary fields, so you might not have too much luck trying to edit such files with Zowe.