Can I run Zowe on a separate LPAR to where z/OSMF is installed in the sysplex?


… we are running sysplex with multiple zos images, zOSMF is running on one of the them. Can I create Zowe runtime on other images that no zOSMF running? Or do I must install runtime on the same image where zOSMF running?


The way that Zowe’s services connect to z/OSMF is through IP address, so this should work although we don’t allow a way to do this easily at install/configuration time. One thing that should work is to edit the IP address of where you want Zowe to find z/OSMF by updating the following files:
/api-mediation/api-defs/zosmf.yml. Edit the value in instanceBaseUrls. This is used by the API gateway to connect to z/OSMF
/explorer-data-sets-api/scripts/ Edit the value zosmf.httpsport and zosmf.ipaddress. Do likewise in the file /explorer-jobs-api/scripts/
At install time Zowe tries to import the z/OSMF certificate into its trust store and this will fail with z/OSMF on another system, however you can tell Zowe to trust the certificate and bypass this by editing the line \ in the three files /api-mediation/scripts/,,