How do I bring up a subset of Zowe?

There is a shell script /scripts/internal/ in the Zowe runtime folder that launches each of the unix Java or Node processes via startup scripts

To disable any of the specific services comment out the lines by adding a preceeding # character that start the particular service

Web UI ZLUX node server is started by the line ending

zlux-app-server/bin && ./

so the update is to change the line

cd `dirname $0`/../../zlux-app-server/bin && ./ --allowInvalidTLSProxy=true &


#cd `dirname $0`/../../zlux-app-server/bin && ./ --allowInvalidTLSProxy=true &

The API mediation layer which uses Java is started by the three lines ending

The z/OS REST APIs for data sets and Jobs uses Java and is started by the two lines ending

The JES, USS and MVS explorers uses Node and run inside the Zowe web UI desktop and are started by the three lines ending