CORGIBYTES' Team of Expert Developers Available Immediately for COBOL Support and Existing Software Maintenance & Modernization Projects

  • Name: Corgibytes, LLC
  • COBOL Experience: Intermediate to Expert (collectively; all of our developers are highly capable of dealing in a wide variety of languages and frameworks - in fact, our team’s most essential skill that allows it to excel at software remediation is the ability to flexibly adapt and work with different technologies rapidly. Given a slight intro to any existing COBOL project, our developers are confident in their ability to take on that project in full form - reading, writing and executing).
  • Location: Richmond, VA, U.S.A.
  • Availability: Full-time (as needed; flexible projects)
  • Availability Type: Available to Hire
  • Link to LinkedIn profiles:
  • M. Scott Ford, CTO
  • Andrea Goulet, CEO
  • Cassandra Carothers, Technical Sales Manager

We have completed projects from 3 months to 6+ years with clients ranging from high growth startups to enterprises, leading financial institutions and government entities, including the NIH. We specialize in legacy code systems, including COBOL and applying expert capability to complex software maintenance and modernization projects.

We are proud to be menders. We passionately believe in the value that legacy code brings to any project, and genuinely enjoy discovering this value like archeologists on a dig. We are passionate about remodeling and transforming legacy systems (swiftly with no safety compromises made) to a modern state and see no need to bulldoze and rebuild from scratch. These are the projects our entire company is formed around - that we love to work on.

For projects in need, we can immediately tackle failing systems and focus on restoring those to functionality (e.g. unemployment claims processing systems, etc.)

Thereafter, we will focus on maintaining existing systems while simultaneously analyzing the needs and creating a strategic roadmap for a path ahead, allowing us to modernize the codebase and update tooling, modernize frameworks, stabilize infrastructures, refactor, fix bugs, add test coverage, pay down technical debt and thoroughly document our findings - all as swiftly as possible while remaining safe. Our work will contribute to transforming the system to a scalable, stable and secure codebase that can be used and built upon easily into the future. Our developers can then stay on the project(s) as long as needed into the future, or create a strategic plan to hand off processes that have been built to your in house team.

Please feel free to contact me directly through this platform via a message or comment with interest.