Experienced (30yrs) M/F COBOL legacy migration to "modern" languages (Python / C# / Java / Node / etc.)

30 years experience of porting mainframe legacy COBOL systems to so called “modern” languages including:
Big data and AI (Spark / Pyspark / Hadoop / Microsoft products).
Multiple data storage and database platforms.
Porting CICS interfaces to Web user interfaces and/or Web services and APIs.

Legacy app too complex or expensive to port? ask me for a fixed price quote, I thrive on those difficult jobs that others don’t want or can’t do.

Several years experience with successfully migrating USA health care legacy apps (mainframe COBOL and SAS) from HHS and CMS.

British expat residing overseas.

  • Name: PJ Sunderland
    Contact: pj.sund@yahoo.com
  • COBOL Experience: EXPERT
  • Location: Overseas, Remote working
  • Availability: Willing to commit to a fixed price and duration per successfully delivered project.
  • Availability Type: Available to Hire and some volunteering.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.