Minutes from the IaaS Private Cloud on z call, 2 Feb 2018

Minutes from 2018-02-02 OMP IaaS Private cloud meeting:

I   Logistics
  A. Web conferencing: moving GoToMeeting => zoom
  John M: Linux Foundation is moving to zoom - not in a big hurry 
Adopted!: We will test the zoom web conference tool the First meeting in March
  B. New mailing list
     1. e-mail address: omp-wg-cloudstack@lists.openmainframeproject.org
     2. Website: https://lists.openmainframeproject.org/mailman/listinfo/omp-wg-cloudstack
  C. The OMP Web site: https://community.openmainframeproject.org/
II  Around "the room"
  A. What do you want from this group/committee?
  B. What communications methods are good/bad?
  Barton: A: Cloud that works, needs to be simple, easy to use, we don't have that yet.
             More technical people - 
          B: GoToMeeting and zoom both work
  Emily:  A: That this meeting is successful - "What Barton Said", clearly defined Cloud 
          B: GoToMeeting and zoom both work
  Russ H: A: Such a diffuse potential set of consumers.  Who are we marketing to?  3 or 4 use case users?
             Some Mainframe centric people, some Linux-centric
  John M: A: If we can have a vibrant community of people collaborating  solutions - so community at large can wrap around
          B: Whatever the group is most comfortable with
  Mike F: A: Meetings every other week would be better
Adopted!: Meetings March - Dec. will be every other Friday 
             SuSE is focused on OpenStack - CMA today, zCC in the future. We need a successful group. Can be multiple solutions
          B: GoToMeeting works and zoom should work too
  Neale:  A: Functionality, APIs to allow any type of solution to be plugged in.  VM Ware should be able to plug in. 
          B: zoom is good, GoToMeeting is fine
  Scott H: A: Consensus from the community for the best approach to Cloud, without the need for proprietary code and the ability to interchange compenents without having to re-architect
           B: Any tool that works is acceptable
  Saterah: A: Must work with VMware (Vrealize) - CMA, SuSE, or Ubuntu.  Bypassing OpenStack is OK
           B: GoToMeeting and zoom both work
           Executive Architect, also works with VMware - connecting to z with Open Stack
Vince T:   Was not able to communicate           

III Project proposals 
"More cloud projects coming!" Posted by John Mertic, Jan 19th
Mentioned on today’s Project Proposal 101 session, here are three projects coming in the next week:

    Close the gap of s390x packages in packagehub (including Kubernetes) - already submitted as proposals
    Document to deploy Kubernetes cluster on Z leveraging SUSE Linux Enterprise Server - already submitted as proposals
    Validate/test Cloud Foundry on Z - new - containerized solution - will be uploaded to GitHub repro

These are projects interns can apply to - Mike has already gotten interest - especially for Kubernetes    

Feel free to ask questions and @mfriesenegger can help answer. And you can apply for the summer 
internship program at https://github.com/openmainframeproject/tsc/blob/master/projects/internship.md

Mike F: These projects are not directly related to this group. 
Mike M: Can we add the 3 projects we have agreed to?
John M: Yes, see the links below.

IV  Next meeting
    Friday Feb. 9th - Ji Chen (Kevin) from IBM will demo z/VM Cloud Connector
    Adopted!: we will move next week's meeting to 9AM, so Kevin can present at 9PM his time

V   Adjournment - 11:36 AM EST

John posted the following on the Web conference chat: