Any connections?

Is anyone on this list getting responses form businesses or government agencies offering work, or yhis just a list of job seekers?


None. This is a total waste of time.

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I think it’s more of an IBM publicity stunt than a real necessity!

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State of NY looking for volunteers…

You can post the job offer!

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None. So how is this being used?

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I don’t see a lot of value in rewarding a government for their poor personnel decisions by working for free.

Now, if it were a charitable organization…


Nothing yet. Perhaps they have enough workers now. Now we can all go back to supporting technologies that aren’t dinosaurs!

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I received an email from The State of New Jersey.


Thank you, again, for expressing your interest in assisting the State of New Jersey’s response to the unprecedented challenges raised by COVID-19.

Thousands of people and organizations have reached out, and we’re truly humbled by our communities’ response to these trying times.

At this time, the State of New Jersey has sufficient technical staff to support critical services. However, we are grateful for your interest and your spirit of public service. As we battle this pandemic, we are constantly evaluating our needs and the best ways to continue serving New Jerseyans. Should further technological assistance be required, we will be in touch.

In the interim, if you are interested in volunteering, we encourage you to explore the following two options:

  1. There are an array of non-profit service providers assisting New Jerseyans in need - sign up to volunteer in your community by visiting our new volunteer portal.

  2. U.S. Digital Response is offering pro bono support to state and local governments across the country - learn more about signing up to help other communities here.

Thank you, again, for your offer to assist the State of New Jersey.


The State of New Jersey’s COVID-19 Response Team


None. I keep hearing/seeing articles about the need for Cobol programmers, but now I am not sure that is true.

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Total waist. Another scam.


That’s what I have been thinking too! And maybe a way for them to get more people motivated to be COBOL programmers!

Also, I think that most companies are living with software made with portable languages and links to old cobol programs. If you have to make patches or adapt old routines, you don’t need great knowledge of mainframes or great programming skills, although for migrating systems is a titanic task, they will not do it with volunteers and a few hours a day.

None, and at the opposite… Have received an email from a global SI proposing expertise on cobol.

That’s more than I got from the State of New Jersey.

I emailed the Governor’s office to volunteer my rusty Cobol after I learned of the problem - couldn’t find a more specific portal on the State website. It’s only been about ten days so maybe I’ll get a reply eventually…

I have not heard anything positive. I guess ibm can add and therefore consider our generation undesireable.

Nothing at all. I wonder who has even viewed my reply? Probably others posting here?

They don’t deserve volunteers. Pay us now for the mistakes they have made for quite some time.


Actually you are right. They should have addressed these issue long time ago.

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I did the same & got the canned response immediately. Then crickets.