What are people using for an ide?

i heard there was an eclipse plugin and some open source stuff. does any of it work well?

Ones that I’m aware of…

IBM Z Open Editor - https://ibm.github.io/zopeneditor-about/ ( not technically open source but free )
Eclipse Che for Z - https://github.com/eclipse/che-che4z
Atom with various plugins - https://atom.io/users/openmainframeproject

Curious what else is out there…

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I really like to use VSCode with Zowe Explorer…

i have also shared my setup and how to get started with these 2 here:


thanks for the links

I’ve seen a link to this as well https://pypi.org/project/OpenCobolIDE/

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I’m running Visual COBOL on Visual Studio 2019 using the Micro Focus tools. I’ve been writing code for 40+ years but a total COBOL noob. I really like it so far.

It’s really funny running on a 4K monitor with only 80 columns. From a distance the code looks like the receipt you get from the grocery store :grinning:

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OpenCobolIDE >> DebianVM >> ChromeOS >> Acer 315 >> Year!!! :))

Hee, hee … vim and (GNU) make !

Only playing with gnu-cobol at the moment