Stability on the Mainframe

“A mainframe is great tool for what it is. In this day and age, you can pick the operating system and pick your development regime that you want. Do you want it on-premise, do you want it off-premise? Do you want it with Linux, do you want it without Linux? You’ve got way more approaches for what you can probably do with this computing platform than you have for any other computing platform, on top of a bunch of resiliency and stability that has evolved over 40 years of development.”

Excerpt from the interview with DataKinetics on Mainframe Technologies

Some of the largest companies in the world rely on mainframes because of its reliability and security.

What are some examples of companies who use mainframe technologies?

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Here’s is a list of case studies by organization

Note, you can filter the above list by Industry and/or Business Requirements.

Here’s a list of case studies about Linux users


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