PHP full stack ready to retrain

I’ll get a dev environment set up and check back in 8h or so if there’s any specific direction worth putting attention towards?

edit: got this link from a twitter user

adding here as I learn more on my journey. from an experienced user elsewhere on these forums:

“Its one thing to start coding in COBOL and contribute in application programming. its yet another thing to know how to handle cobol codes on the mainframe. Unlike other platforms on the mainframe one needs to learn the basics of MVS OPERATING SYSTEM and TSO editor, to start maneuvering from one panel to another on ISPF. You also need to learn JCL, JOB control language in order to submit the cobol codes to the OS for compilation, linking and running the load module. A knowledge of database like DB2 or IMS is a must in order to complete the cobol programming on the main frame.”