How to contribute to OpenMainFrame project

Hello! I want to apply as an intern to OpenMainFrame project. I have been checking the project ideas. I am interested in the project “Improved security for isolated containers” mentored by Utz Bacher. But I was unable to find the source code of the projects nor could i find any wiki that would be any help.


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Looking at , I think you want to go to the Linux Foundation site

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Hi Sanketh,

You can apply here:


I understand that. My question was “How do I get to know more about OpenMainFrame and its sub-projects so that I can write a proposal for my project that can perfecty integrate with OpenMFproject?”.

You can learn more about our current focus areas at:

Can you describe a bit more on what you project proposal would be? We can definite look to include this in the TSC’s focus areas.

@jmertic I think I am getting misunderstood here. Lets start it clear. Where can I find OpenMFproject source code and how can I contribute to it?

@OpenMFProject Is Feb1 a strict deadline for the project proposal?

We don’t have specific source code - we look to contribute to other projects upstream to ensure there is support for the architecture.

For the internship program - yes.

@jmertic Thank you! Now I understand. Sorry for the trouble.

No worries - let me know if there are any other questions I can help answer.

Hello sir,
I have applied to the “Improved security for isolated containers” project. I am curious how the selection process for the internship is going to be. I have read your mail sent to all the applicants. You said a member of the review team will be in touch. No one has approached me till now.

Thank you,

Thanks for applying. The leader for this subproject is currently going through applications and working to contact each applicant if there is interest. Apologizes if you haven’t heard anything back yet - I’ll be sure to pass your note along to the right person.

@jmertic Thank you sir :slight_smile: