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Got an idea for a project, but need help defining it? Or perhaps working to put together an internship proposal, but have questions? Ask your questions here and let the community help you out!

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I am interested in applying for the internship program. I just noticed that the 2nd & 3rd links in both the blockchain project proposals lead to a dead end.

Good catch! I’ve removed those links now.

I’ll also forward this thread to Jin to have her introduce herself in case you have any questions.

I am interested in the internship but the project idea seems quite vague. How can I get more details about the project?

Which project specifically are you looking at?

I was interested in blockchain ledger archiving. Also will there be more project ideas posted on the page?

There will be a few more coming. Also, feel free to propose new ones as
well if there is something you’d be interested in working on.

Thank you,

John Mertic
Director of Program Management - Linux Foundation - ODPi, R Consortium, and
Open Mainframe Project
+1 234-738-4571
Schedule time with me at https://calendly.com/jmertic

@jmertic I am not sure how to add my proof of enrollment in the application form.

Add it as a part of the attachment with your resume.

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Thanks. That means I have to join them as one document? Because I’m not allowed to upload multiple documents in that section. When I try to upload a second document, it overrides the first. And I cannot select multiple documents at the sample time.

That is correct- join as one document