Hello World! in COBOL

I’m not much of a programmer, but when I saw that the world needs COBOL programmers right now, I thought I would do my best to help out, even though I knew nothing about the language. I’ve spent way too many hours over the past two weeks trying to get my system configured just to compile and run COBOL code. It might not seem like a big deal, but seeing those two words on the system output makes me feel like I can do anything!


Congratulations and keep it up.

I also struggled trying to compile my first Hello World because of things like particular indentation (which I was unaware of) and JCL script to send in batch mode.


Hello world is the begin of everything!!!

I will wonder to do the same thing.
Could You help me, showing me the directions.
What IDE do You use?
Have you some books, sites and fóruns to advise me.

Thanks a lot!

Ronaldo Prado


English isn’t my native language, but I am trying to communicate in english.

You might like to use MANASYS Jazz https://jazzsoftware.co.nz/ to take care of the boring detail for you. You’d probably qualify for a free license, and you can certainly try it out for free. Let me know if you’re interested - robert@jazzsoftware.co.nz
Regards, Robert Barnes

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Hello World is a core strategy https://stackoverflow.blog/2020/03/05/a-modern-hello-world-program-needs-more-than-just-code/

This might interest you too: https://stackoverflow.blog/2020/04/20/brush-up-your-cobol-why-is-a-60-year-old-language-suddenly-in-demand/

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What if i have windows 8.1 & a 12 inch hybrid laptop with 32GB SD Storage and and limited time and advice telling me to stick with preparing long term using javascript instead

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COBOL works great on Windows of all flavors. If you want to “prepare long term” then you can use your COBOL programs to present information across the web. Your javascript skills can be utilized as normal to create web pages that communicate with your COBOL programs via a web server.

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