No COBOL experience willing to learn for $

Hello am a CS Masters student at Columbia. Have significant experience in C, C++, Java, PHP, SQL, javscript, etc. At a certain point, you understand that learning a new language is not a large undertaking, just a matter of practice.

If there is a need, I am willing and able to start learning this language. I will not put in the up-front work unless it is financially compensated. This is not a language I would learn on my own for fun (I think that goes without saying).

Therefore, if it can be arranged to assign increasingly challenging projects that are substantial and actually needed, I can learn as I go. If interested, send an email to Thanks!

There are programmers with 40+ years of COBOL experience volunteering their time. How can you possibly be serious about getting paid to learn it?

If there are people doing it for free and they have enough people, then I’d expect they would not need my help. My offer is fair, my time is not free.

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Since you are clearly not able to code COBOL in a time-sensitive situation your time is not worth paying for. It’s not even worth taking on as a volunteer. Your offer is at best quixotic.

This is a toxic attitude. I put an offer out there without any expectations. Read: a simple no would have sufficed.

It’s good that you have no expectations. Good luck.