Consulting, training and software development for COBOL.

My first Computer is a Commodore VIC-20 where i started with Basic and assembly language programming as a kid. In 1989 i began to work with COBOL and was already training COBOL in 1992 to junior programmers.

I also and most often use modern languages like C, C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python and many more.

Some related extraordinary achievements are:

I once wrote a UI Library for COBOL to support HP terminals (VT-100 compatible) on Hewlett Packard (HP) MPE XL operating system. As a result from that work, it was possible to heavily reduce the bug rate in the software, a transaction system.

I added support to a COBOL application written in Micro Focus COBOL to allow users to work with the mouse in the COBOL application.

As you see, COBOL can support GUI programming to some degree.

I supported many companies (software providers for banks and insurances) migrating their programs from COBOL to Java. As a part of that, i even trained developers in host assembly language.

Please not that this is only a short excerpt of the many achievements of now over 40 years of IT experience.