COBOL simulation

I am a silver COBOL developer having written first programs 45 years ago! I live in Yamanashi, Japan and would like to find like developers to create an educational platform where new students could provide test COBOL source and get results on their smartphone without complicated hardware or involved software download.

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Hello, nice to meet. It seems a good idea!

On the surface your idea seems plausible. Submitting cobol source to “somewhere” via the internet is no different than the submission of any other file from the user to the cloud. An Apache web server running on simple hardware (or just running on a cloud based virtual machine) is easy and provides the mechanism of allowing your “student” to get “test COBOL source” to your system. What would you like to do with it at that point?
Have it compiled in the cloud? Still easy.
Have it tested for complex logic problems? Much more difficult.
Have an experienced developer review the code and offer suggestions? Logistically this would be interesting.

I would be interested in hearing a few more details regarding your desired goal.

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