Can a long-time unemployed programmer find COBOL work now?

I haven’t slung code since the early 00s (mainly VC++), but I am reading that the demand for COBOL is so insatiable that folks with no COBOL experience are being hired after taking a quickie course in it. (I actually have taken a college course in COBOL a long time ago but never used it professionally.) If it matters, I am a USA citizen and old enough to join AARP. :slight_smile:

I used it professionally for years on DEC VAX systems, where the implementation was beyond amazing, and had lots of fun with it. But have not touched it in years and despite all the hype, I don’t think ANY entity will pay a buck an hour unless you are currently heavily using it. Desperation doesn’t seem to matter.

So basically all the hype is a load of BS.

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Looks like it. Regardless of need, employers won’t risk lack of current expertise and experience.

I currently use it professionally and for more than 30 years.