Advice for a COBOL newbie?

Hello. I had a 31 year career as an IT professional, and I’m currently retired. I did a fair amount of CICS COBOL and batch COBOL programming in the late 70s and early 80s. My son is one course away from completing an Information Science certificate at the University of Pittsburgh. After reading several articles about a need for COBOL programmers, he’s interested in getting himself up-to-speed as a COBOL developer and finding a job supporting/enhancing existing legacy applications and/or converting existing apps to newer technologies. He’s done a fair amount of programming in JAVA, C, PERL, JavaScript, Python, VBA, AppleScript, and other languages; but he does not yet have any experience with COBOL, CICS, JCL and other mainframe technologies. If he completes the training offered via the Open Mainframe Project, can anyone provide advice about how he might go about finding a job using those technologies?

I’d suggest checking out the local online job boards. E.g. Cobol Jobs in All Australia - SEEK . As I’m based in Australia, those are Australia-specific. YMMV.