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I have started learning COBOL again since I never used it since I graduated last 1995 . We learned COBOL but it is only a part of the Bachelor Course but we never specialized in it. So, its like I am starting as a beginner. I have followed the Free training by IBM and the Friday Webinars. Are there any advanced training materials online so that I can enhanced my COBOL training once I finished the free tutorials? Is there an On the Job training where I can enhance my COBOL skills? The reason why I asked these questions is that I want to be able to make COBOL as my main development platform. I have seen some online job requirements for COBOL programmers where they require years of COBOL experience. I am kinda hesitant to continue learning COBOL because who will ever hire a beginner without advance COBOL experience. I am willing to work for free until I master COBOL. So hopefully somebody can teach and I am willing work for free to enhance my COBOL learning experience. . Thanks!

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Roman Rapido