Will work as Trainee

  • Name: Axel Casillas
  • COBOL Experience: (Beginner, Learning Cobol)
  • Location: (San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States)
  • Availability: (Part-time, Full-time)
  • Availability Type: (Volunteer, Available to Hire)
  • Link to LinkedIn profile (or other relevant job experience information): https://www.linkedin.com/in/axel-casillas-06981475
    I am a self taught IT guy and programmer. CompTIA certified. Linux Foundation student.
    FreeBSD enthusiast.

I have monitored COBOL for a while now.

Noticed this market gap of professionals but other than my Murach JCL for OS/390 and Z/OS & Teach Yourself Cobol, MVS and TSO.

Reference guide books are my main teachers and with some Hercules I can spin up some labs to do some of the excersises.

Currently I am still learning and wish to put my skills on a company who is currently looking for someone to train and keep maintaining these enterprise systems. More than willing to do the work and to learn. COBOL is King.