COBOL beginner, 27 years coding other languages

  • Name: Michal Blaszak
  • COBOL Experience: Beginner
  • Location: Poland
  • Availability: Full-time
  • Availability Type: Volunteer in the beginning, Available to Hire - possibly in a future after gaining more experience
  • Link to LinkedIn profile:

I’m currently learning COBOL very actively. I find it a good direction on my career path.
I want to master it to the expert level.

Making software is my life passion. I’ve been doing it since I remember. I started at age 15 in a secondary school. My first professional project was in a middle of my studies on 1993 made in C running on UNIX. It was an HR system. Since then I made a long list of commercial projects (including 3 accounting systems, 2 production life cycle management systems, one high level communication protocol (TL1) and tons of smaller projects).
I was acting as a Business Analyst and Product Owner. I was holding the Senior Project Manager position and now I’m a middle level manager helping the team of 20 SW developers to push a needle. All this made me to understand and respect complexity of the business domain on both organizational and end user levels. At the same time I continuously keep my hands dirty making some smaller projects.

I know my COBOL proficiency may not make me attractive at the beginning but I want to learn it and my overall experience can only help. I do not have to change my job now so I can offer my services as volunteer. I firmly believe that with some small mentoring from a senior COBOL developer I will become an effective contributor very quickly. I can consider changing my job to become a regular COBOL developer after I gain enough experience.

I’d be more than happy if you find my motivation and experience useful.

Best regards,
Michał Błaszak