15 years cobol experience but out for last 11 years. How can I get back in

I worked as a Cobol Mainframe contractor for around 15 years in Australia and overseas, mostly in the banking industry with a little in telcos. I did what most Cobol workers do… cut code, analysis, testing in all phases of the life cycle, migration etc
I then left the industry around 11 years ago.
I’d like to get back into I.T again but don’t quite know to approach it. I believe I can pick everything up again quite quickly but I doubt employers would be interested in employing me with such a long break.

I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on how to tackle this…

Thanks a lot

Hello Andrew,
Wish you get back to your COBOL track soon, I left COBOL in 1998 and switched to VB and later Dot Net, but in my case I had few months experience of COBOL programming, but I was good in this, in my first interview and test I easily cleared the test and joined a software firm in Dubai, UAE, now after several years I am trying to get back to COBOL and have done an online course on IBM training portal name “COBOL Programming using VSCode” it was good and motivated me, the technologies are now evolved and COBOL is still in market, I am sure you will get back to your old Skill