Zowe - 3270 emulator with korean cp933


When we use IBM Host on demand (3270) to connect to our mainframe using cp933 ( korean) we can correctly see Korean characters.

However, when we try the same, cp933 (Korean) in the ZOWE 3270 terminal emulator, we see “square” characters instead of Korean characters.

Is this a known problem, and is there any fixes / workarounds?


Kind Regards,
Travis Thorne.

Hi Travis,

We had a similar issue with some danish letters.
We found that the codepage options fixed the issue for us.
In our “zowe zos-tso start address-space” command we added “–cp 277” and that fixed it for us.
I know the codepage option is on more than just that command, so it probably is on the one you use as well.

Rune Christensen

Thanks for your help Rune, however I think OP is referring to Zowe Desktop instead of the CLI. But thanks for the info on how to get Danish characters via the CLI!

Hello! On the latest Zowe (1.4.0), when you connect to the tn3270 terminal app by default it’s just 1047, although this default is configurable. Regardless of default, if you toggle the menu at the top with the arrow, you can choose codepage 933 when disconnected & it will apply it on next connection. It’s working for my simple test program but I’m not a korean speaker. If this doesnt work for you maybe there is an example dataset you want to share that we can use to reproduce?

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