Zowe - 3270 emulator with korean cp933


When we use IBM Host on demand (3270) to connect to our mainframe using cp933 ( korean) we can correctly see Korean characters.

However, when we try the same, cp933 (Korean) in the ZOWE 3270 terminal emulator, we see “square” characters instead of Korean characters.

Is this a known problem, and is there any fixes / workarounds?


Kind Regards,
Travis Thorne.

Hi Travis,

We had a similar issue with some danish letters.
We found that the codepage options fixed the issue for us.
In our “zowe zos-tso start address-space” command we added “–cp 277” and that fixed it for us.
I know the codepage option is on more than just that command, so it probably is on the one you use as well.

Rune Christensen