Will work for nothing - worth twice that!

  • Name: Douglas Osborn
  • COBOL Experience: (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert) Intermediate
  • Location: (City, State, Country) Tucson, AZ, USA
  • Availability: (Part-time, Full-time) Full time (or more) for awhile, part time thereafter
  • Availability Type: (Volunteer, Available to Hire) Volunteer
  • Link to LinkedIn profile (or other relevant job experience information): Retired - No COBOL experience THIS century - Learned UNIX in college, currently a Linux user - Learned COBOL as a grad student, but haven’t used it since the eighties.

I’m madly collecting books & finding online tutorials to refresh my memory, but I’m a bit apprehensive about how long it might take to bring myself up to speed. You will be SHOCKED to learn that the entire Tucson library system doesn’t have a single book about COBOL!