Welcome to the Open Mainframe Project Discourse Forum

S’weet! Looking forward to the dialogue and contributing to ecosystem topics

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I am happy to join this forum I will do my best here


Happy to join here . I I’ll do my Betsy level


“I am a student in Dr. Seay’s virtualization class”.

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I have not done any programming in a while but would be willing to help out I am a disabled Veteran so all I need is to is too learn it again and I am sure I can pick it up quick


20+ mainframe cobol, jcl ims db2 cics

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COBOL Developer with 12+ years available part time to volunteer. I am currently working as a COBOL Developer and has a total experience of 12+ years. And I am available to help on COBOL VSAM DB2 ISPF JCL etc .
For details on COBOL one can go thru my blog

I have worked on mainframe (Cobol, db2, jcl, vsam, rexx, selcopy, IMS-DB etc) for 8 years. I am working as a python developer now. Happy to be part of this forum.

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Looking forward to contribute & learn from this forum.

25+ years as a mainframe programmer using Cobol, PL1, and Ideal with JCL, IMS, DB2

Having 8 years experience in Mainframes(cobol,jcl,DB2,cics,vsam)

Well, I know COBOL but I know next to nothing about mainframe as it was definitely on the outs back when I was learning programming in college.

Is there a place for me?

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I sign up so i can be apart of this Cobol developer group. I heard there is a shortage. How can i sign up to get hire?


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